First set of GovHack NZ 2016 venues announced

There’s a buzz of activity happening behind the scenes all over the country, and you’ll have noticed changes to our website which reflect this.

Our new “information packs” section contains all the information we’ve been preparing/will prepare for sponsors, event heads, and the other legends involved in GovHack. There are two info packs up already, and we’ll pop new ones up as we finish them  – if you’re inspired and want to get involved in any way, do get in touch!

Read our completed information packs

You’ll also have seen the website’s new “2016 events and info” section, devoted to each of the local NZ events. Our local event heads have also been dashing around their cities sorting out venues, and we’ll be posting them to these pages. We’ll also be including posters, relevant links – anything that we think you might find useful!

So far, we have confirmed venues for:

And we’re in the process of firming up details for:

Don’t see your city there, but want to? Pop us an email. And, of course, give us a shout if there’s something missing, or something you’d like to see that we haven’t shown :)