GovHack is all about bringing together coders, artists, storytellers, observers, communicators and more, from the private, public, NGO and academic sectors.

While the group of people is diverse, we’re united in a single purpose – coming together in a weekend-long hackathon and working with government data to innovate and create.


GovHack NZ 2017 – 28-30 July

We’re assembling the team for GovHack 2017, which promises to be even better! Please get in touch if you’d like to be a local or national organiser – we have a number of roles available.

National team roles

  • Communications, including media and social media (ideally more than one person).
  • Website and backend systems (eg managing open source installations on our servers, etc).
  • Assistant to sponsorship lead.
  • Assistant to national lead.


See the 2016 GovHack NZ winners and runners-up

GovHack 2016 projects

Tools for GovHack NZ 2016

Data sources for GovHack NZ 2016

What is GovHack, anyway? It’s not about “cracking” government – it’s about bringing together the power of open data and all of us to build a better democracy and a more open government and society. Watch this short video to find out more :)