GovHack NZ will be run in 2019 by Open Data Alliance NZ

On Saturday 27th October 2018, in Wellington, a workshop was held to decide what (if anything) was to happen to the entity that had been GovHack NZ. The Agenda revolved around the question of whether to resume hosting Govhack in New Zealand, and if not, then what? Present were a number of GovHack contributors as well as representatives from the DataLand hackathon.

The resolution was determined that a not for profit incorporated trust would be created, with it’s objective being to support hackathons within NZ and with other International organisations. The name of the Trust will be Open Data Alliance NZ.

As a very exciting outcome, ODANZ has reached out to GovHack Australia to discuss collaborating again and running GovHack NZ in 2019.

ODANZ has also resolved to host the Global Legal Hackathon in 2019 in conjunction with a local law firm. More details of this will be released once the event has been confirmed.

The workshop was considered by all involved to be a great success, and everyone left with renewed excitement about the future of Open Data Alliance NZ. The potential of these quite different international hackathons being held in New Zealand in 2019 is an exciting one, and these events provide ODANZ the opportunity to prove itself as a community organisation.

Read the full report here


What is GovHack, anyway? It’s not about “cracking” government – it’s about bringing together the power of open data and all of us to build a better democracy and a more open government and society. Watch this short video to find out more :)