The coolest people volunteer at GovHack!

Get involved

Join us if you are passionate, helpful and have an interest in GovHack and the ideas behind it.

Why volunteer?

  • Because it’s fun!!! By volunteering at a GovHack event, you support a civic society and digital entrepreneur ecosystem and help run a super fun event in your community.
  • Volunteers are in the thick of things! GovHack attracts cool, talented people and open minded industry and government partners. Over 46 hours you will witness and be part of the excitement of watching some open data be mashed, analysed and improved into new concepts and ideas. GovHack volunteers gain a whole swag of skills you wouldn’t have exposure to in your day job!
  • Depending on your time commitment you can join an organising team or just volunteer on the weekend.
  • We need friendly, helpful people who can do anything from setting up the pizza boxes or herding the troops and welcome any skilled volunteers that can provide tech support or media support.