So, what sorts of questions could you work on for GovHack NZ 2016? We know you have your own ideas already, but we thought we’d add a few more into the mix.

Thanks to everyone who supplied these!

Note: Bounties (specific problem statements for which one can win prizes) and prizes will be announced after the event opening.


How well have your local councillors and Mayors been doing at attending Council meetings?

I want to know what is planned for my street. My council publishes PDFs of resource consents but they’re not easily searchable. Is there a way to share information more easily?

How can I create new weather data-related services which speak to everyday issues like “should I take a coat today?”or “should I hang the washing out?”?

Why aren’t New Zealanders wealthier?

How many /which government departments (central and local) does a NZ business potentially need to exchange data with to  set up/run/close a business, and how could data sharing or process be simpler?

What type of business should I set up that would be profitable/sustainable?  Where should I set my business up?

Where are new houses being built vs where is the demand for housing? (including type of housing needed e.g. rental, affordable, for 1-2 people, for large families)

What factors cause new migrants leave NZ? What factors help make sure they settle? Which regions do new migrants settle in, and do we know why?  (Waikato University has published research answering some of these questions & yes, its a bit complicated)

What is the social/economic cost of overstayers?

What are the skill shortages in NZ for imported vs home-grown skills? What education/training is available for those skills? What is the uptake and trajectory for when new skills will become available? What new migrants are arriving with those skills? Are the gaps widening or growing?

Is it possible to track migration, group families or town populations before 1916?

How can communication betweeen council and resident be improved: an app for better communication?

What is the impact of tourism on the environment?

How can we use GIS data combined with other data to alleviate traffic congestion and to improve mobility in Queenstown

What is the influence of our ageing population on our town/city/region/country and its health infrastructure?

Local resident accommodation versus tourist accommodation: what can the data can tell us?

Economic development: can data help predict another future for our town/city/region/country?