Note: this isn’t a comprehensive list, and is a work in progress. Its purpose is to give pointers, not be prescriptive.

There isn’t a single catalogue or repository for open data in NZ. There are, however, some great places to start looking:

There are numerous scientific datasets available from New Zealand’s Crown Research Institutes (CRIs), including:

There are also specific datasets maintained by various government agencies.

We will also be posting links here to specific datasets being released just for GovHack – stay tuned as we start doing that in the coming weeks.

MetService GovHack Live Weather API (available only during GovHack) – details and conditions of use* [PDF 813 KB]

  • Note: There will be limited support during GovHack through the MetService switchboard (04 4700 700) any time during the event. Please identify yourself as a GovHack participant.
  • Up to 1000 requests per minute will be allowed from a single device.


Can’t find the data you’re most interested in?

Check out our blog post on finding data

Get in touch with us to suggest more datasets/data sources


Other awesome lists and data sources

Shane Gibson’s “When I get bored I try and make some of these [NZ datasets] easier to download here” sets

Alex Gibson’s “New Zealand Data and Apis” list on Github


Credits and thanks

GovHack NZ “list of potential sources” page on GitHub