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LearnToMod – teach kids to code using Scratch & Minecraft
DigitalNZ GovHack info pack – Generate an SDK from scratch for any API. It’s free to use for individual developers!

APIMATIC have extended an offer to API providers participating in GovHack. If any API providers want to expose SDKs/Client libraries of their APIs to the developers in GovHack, APIMATIC is willing to provide those SDKs for FREE.  APIMATIC currently have over 10,000 public APIs in their database:

Individual developers at GovHack can also make use of the APIMATIC tool, for free, to rapidly develop apps.

AWS Credits

Amazon Web Services will provide $100 in free AWS credits to teams who wish to use Amazon Web Services resources. Please visit the below link to request and redeem your AWS credits:  – the credit also includes access to other AWS resources, including:

Free Azure

The Microsoft NZ team are proud to be helping people to do more and achieve more with Government data. As the productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world the NZ team are kept fairly busy engaging with over 30,000 techies from enterprise, through to public sector and 740+ growing Kiwi startups. Not to mention helping to provide developers of all kinds access to over 1.5 billion devices with the soon to be launched Windows 10. Try the cloud that 57% of Fortune 500 Companies are using. Get USD $250 of Azure free for 1 month.


The @BizSparkNZ program provides free Microsoft software, tools and to up to USD $750 p/month of Azure. The three year program is free to join. Startups scale up to 10x faster with BizSpark and when they’re ready to go big, are eligible to apply for BizSpark Plus to receive $120,000 worth of Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform that works with the code and tools you know – like PHP, Java and Linux. Try it for yourself: get USD $250 of Azure free for 1 month. Applications for BizSpark are open now:


Intergraph are supplying data feeds from the Hexagon Geospatial Mobile Alert crowdsourcing app, download from Hexagon Geospatial, along with access to the Intergraph EdgeFrontier integration toolset, and supporting entrants working with public safety and security or real-time event and incident data. To get access to these, please apply at

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