JHack is a junior hackfest that involves a build up of challenges during June, culminating in a final competition day on Saturday 4th July at MIT in Manukau, Auckland.

Not only is this the first year of GovHack in New Zealand, this will be the first JHack where we will be encouraging school-age students to get involved in the competition at their own level. We all know that what comes ‘out of the mouths of babes’ can be startling!

The teams of students involved will be given small weekly learning tasks that should take no more than an hour to complete, and by the time of the competition they will have hopefully learned enough to complete the challenges set to them.

The point of the competition is primarily for the students to have fun, but at the same time learn something and see the result of their work in the output on challenge day. We will have prizes for the best teams.

We envisage 15+ schools taking part in the competition with no more than 6 students competing from each school.

All students aged 10-16 can take part and challenges suitable to age groups will be created.

We are looking for mentors to work with each of the teams, check out the official JHack page for more information.