GovHack Wellington – update #2 – Venue! Registration! GovHack Women!

In which we have great news about venues, registrations and GovHack Women

Greetings, dearest GovHackers!

We’ve had a busy time of it – and we’d like to say a huge thank you to you all for having patience, being involved and yes, on some occasions emailing us to find out if things are still a go.

They most certainly are.

We’ve been working to make sure both GovHack Wellington and GovHack Women are the best events we can make them this year :)



This year, GovHack Wellington will be taking place in Wellington:

  • Rutherford House, Pipitea Campus, Victoria University of Wellington
  • 5:30pm 28 July – 5pm Sunday 30 July, 2017.

We’d like to say a HUGE thank you to our venue sponsors, Ministry of Transport (MoT), for coming to the table and being awesome. Ministry of Transport

We’re also very excited about the opportunity to work with them around transport data, of course!

GovHack NZ registrations

We’re extremely close to opening up registrations for the main event. It’ll be within a week, so get your clicking fingers ready, as tickets will go _fast_, based on the interest and emails we’re getting this year :)

GovHack Women

We got a lot of really great feedback to our GovHack Women survey – thank you to everyone who took part :)

Because this is a pilot event, we’ve decided to keep it simple, while also making sure our respondents’ preference (overall) was covered.

So, we’re going to be holding an information/storytelling/challenge discussion evening. It’s for women from ALL walks of life – “non-techy” women are just as valuable as “techy” ones, and we welcome all ages and backgrounds.

All you need is an interest in tackling societal/civil issues which bug you, or in improving things in your communities that you love. We’ll listen to a few short talks on what GovHack is all about, and the experience of women who’ve attended in previous years (both tech and non-tech, from a range of ages and careers and backgrounds and even countries).

We’ll then open up the floor for general discussion and questions, including getting people’s thoughts and ideas of some of the things they might like to tackle during the main event (if they want to attend it) :)

“You’ll meet amazing people who challenge you mentally and inspire you. You’ll make some new friends who you’ll keep in touch with and see at future events.  You’ll wonder why it took you so long to start participating in this amazing community.”

 – Justine Pepperell, GovHack NZ 2016 participant

We’re firming up plans, but it looks like it’ll take place in mid July, after work for a couple of hours. Stay tuned for more details in the very near future!

Very important note: all are welcome, but this is an event organised for, and by, people who identify as women. Please be cognisant of, and respect that. And as always, the GovHack NZ Code of Conduct applies.

Sponsoring and supporting

We’d love to thank the following fabulous sponsors for coming for coming on board to help support the Wellington event this year.

Like all GovHack NZ events, it’s free to attend, and we provide tasty food, beverages, WiFi and experts to help you build the best solutions you can build. It’s because of our sponsors, both cash and in-kind, that we can bring this incredible event to you each year. We love you all!

And we need more support.

If you or your organisation are keen to support GovHack Wellington this year, and get directly involved with the flagship event of the southern hemisphere’s largest open data / open government / civic tech hackathon, we’d love to hear from you :) 

You can also find oodles of sponsorship information on our website. Sponsorship and other information packs

Weekly meetings

If you’re keen to be involved in helping to organise this year’s Welly event, we have a weekly meeting – get in touch with us at [email protected]­ if you’d like to come along :)
We’ve also posted them on our Meetup group. Meetup – GovHack Wellington

Staying up to date

We’ve got tonnes of information about GovHack on our website, at – videos, information packs, blog posts and more :)

You can also keep an eye on:

Yay! Super excited for this year. And, as always, please do get in touch if you have any questions, comments or thoughts :)

Much love,

The GovHack Wellington team

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