GovHack Wellington – update #1

Venues! Surveys! Excitement!

Greetings, dearest GovHackers.

So, we’re a go for GovHack Wellington 2017 :) Some news and updates follow.



We’re looking for a venue, so if you have any thoughts, please do let us know – indicative brief of what we’re looking for below.
Venue brief­


Sponsoring and supporting

Are you or your organisation keen to support GovHack Wellington this year, and get directly involved with the southern hemisphere’s largest open data / open government / civic tech hackathon? We’d love to hear from you :) 
You can also find oodles of sponsorship information on our website.


Lead-in events

We’re looking at piloting a number of lead-in events this year, including some aimed at improving the diversity of people who come to the main event.

One of these events will be aimed at women, and we’ll be holding it in Wellington. We’re running a brief survey at the moment to help us figure out what people might like – please feel free to fill it out and/or spread it to all your friends (“techy” or not!).
GovHack Women survey

[We’ve also got some fun potential post-event initiatives, too – stay tuned!]


Weekly meetings

If you’re keen to be involved in helping to organise this year’s Welly event, we have a weekly meeting – get in touch with us at [email protected]­ if you’d like to come along :)

I’ve also posted them on our Meetup group.
Meetup – GovHack Wellington


Staying up to date

As always, you can also keep an eye on:


Yay! Super excited for this year :)

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