Prizes and bounties

For all the details of prizes and bounties, check out the hackerspace!

This is also the place where you’ll upload your video and code etc by 5pm NZT on Sunday, latest.


Note: we’ve removed the google spreadsheets link as the hackerspace has the master list of all available prizes :)


Order a GovHack 2017 tshirt/hoodie


Got a question for any of our sponsors? Want to talk with them?

Check out the sponsor helpdesk slack channel, at Drop an email to [email protected] or ask one of your friends already on there to send you an invite.

Registered hackers can tweet #govhacknzsupport and we’ll email you an invite


Got questions or frustrations around data?

Tweet #datafrustration! The @opendatanz and @data_govt_nz crew will be standing by to help you solve them :)

Some of our venues will also have physical #datafrustration desks – feel free to wander over any time. GovHack NZ data group has built a data group in the portal – these will be datasets from sponsors, as well as bounty-related datasets :)



Don’t forget to lean on the mentors, volunteers, organisers and everyone else there to help. They know about data, platforms, service design, team dynamics and more!


Most importantly

Have fun. We’re here to build a better world. Let’s start with being kind and awesome to each other <3