Focus on: Whanganui

“Whanganui is a surprising place with a huge river of talent quietly running through it. “

 – GovHack Whanganui

In the middle part of our Focus on: series, we turn our gaze to Whanganui.

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Why Whanganui? As Kevin Double, event co-lead and Partner at Double Farley Creative Partners, waxed lyrically:

“Events like GovHack are like perfect eddies in Whanganui’s river of talent, where like minded folks circulate around each other and build upon their collective passions and energy. Afterwards they return to their own flows but continue to collectively help our city’s future as one of the digital leaders of the world.”

GovHack NZ Whanganui 2015 participants

Some of awesome people who brought their talent and warmth to GovHack NZ Whanganui in 2015. Credit: Kevin Double

Whanganui has been recognised as a Smart21 Intelligent Community for the last three years, and as a Top7 Intelligent Community in 2016, but prestigious US thinktank the Intelligent Community Forum. So it’s a great fit for GovHack!

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It’s more than just talent, though. Marianne Archibald, event co-lead and Innovation Leader – Special Projects at Whanganui District Council, explained: “I organised the inaugural GovHack Whanganui and was blown away by the warmth and enthusiasm of those who participated, so I’m doing it again this year.”

Double agreed, telling us “My interest in GovHack started by volunteering for the Whanganui event in 2015. I enjoy meeting people who are passionate about learning new stuff and making a difference to their communities.”

Whanganui river

A beautiful river really does run through Whanganui. Credit: Kevin Double

This year, GovHack NZ will be taking place in Whanganui:

  • 29-31 July
  • Double Farley
  • Level 3, 15 Watt Street
  • Whanganui, 4500.

Keep an eye on Whanganui-specific GovHack info

As Archibald said: “I’m so excited about Govhack coming to Whanganui again. The thing I liked most about our Whanganui Govhack was the warmth of the people. It was really lovely and really supportive.”

“The people from last year become friends.”

We’re excited to see old friends again, and make new friends, this year 29-31 July. See you there!

Interested in being involved as one of the event’s awesome sponsors? You’ll be in great company. Says Archibald, “It’s great to have Ultrafast Fibre – our local fibre company – on board as a sponsor again this year. If your company would like to sponsor the event please contact us. It’s an awesome event to be associated with.”

If you have any questions, drop Marianne or Kevin a line at [email protected] or [email protected], or the national team at [email protected].

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