Focus on: Hamilton

“Hamilton is ideally placed for GovHack; it has an an active community, and a supportive university with an excellent computer science department.”

 – GovHack Hamilton

In the third of our Focus on: series, we continue heading south from Auckland to Hamilton.

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So, why would you want to go to GovHack Hamilton this year?

In the words of Brian Cole, Hamilton event co-lead and Research Projects Manager at the University of Waikato, “GovHack represents a unique opportunity to collaborate and work with real data to come up with some interesting insights. Aside from all the people that you meet, you also get a chance to tackle real problems and maybe even come up with some solutions.”

GovHack NZ Hamilton, 2015

A group of tired but happy GovHackers from the 2015 Hamilton event. Credit: David Nichols

This year, GovHack will be taking place in Hamilton:

  • 29-31 July
  • Innovation Station, Computer Science Department
  • University of Waikato
  • Hillcrest, 3216.

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David Nichols, Hamilton event co-lead and senior lecturer at the University of Waikato, told us that “the University is excited to host GovHack – it’s a wonderful broadening experience for our students and a great way to engage with the local community.”

He went on to say “I hope that regular GovHacks will encourage more collaboration between the university, industry and community.”

Cole agreed, adding “Im excited at the idea of new insights coming from the data. I love seeing things pieced together like a puzzle and looking at old problems from new angles. For me it is all about the challenge!”

Registrations open 9am 30 May. You still have time to enter our awards night competition, or have your say about how we improve our logo.

If you have any questions, drop Brian or David a line at [email protected] or [email protected] respectively, or the national team at [email protected].

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