GovHack culture

GovHack is about getting our best and brightest around the country working with government data to innovate and create. It is about encouraging and celebrating our technical and creative capacity, connecting citizens with government for great outcomes, and building upon the social and economic value of open data published by government.

GovHack is about finding collaborative ways to work across the whole community, bringing government, industry, academia and civil society together to achieve amazing things.

GovHack is not just a competition. It is the opportunity to show off the Community and it’s innovative skills, and the chance to encourage Government to open up data.

The event requires small teams of competitors to produce any kind of “hack” using government data in around 46 hours, from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. The format of a “hack” is unspecified, but the most common are web applications, mobile applications, or visualisations. Together with all source code deposited in an open source repository and open-licensed, each team is judged on a three-minute video they must produce, demonstrating what they have produced and its future potential.

GovHack not GovCrack

GovHack is not about cracking security or illegally accessing Government data or services. It’s definitely not about trying to get developers to do work for the Government cheaply or for free. As described above, the event is about encouraging people to create applications, mashups, and visualisations using government data.

Hacking is all about building something as opposed to breaking into something. It’s creative rather than destructive.

Our vision

The best future available to us all is one that is strongly collaborative, where we choose to tap into skills and ideas across the whole of society to develop new ways, and to respond effectively to new challenges and opportunities.